2 YO Filly Pace 2:02.4 PRINCESS WAVE Heath Campbell Shawn Nye
Tony Dearborn Scarborough, July 18
2 YO Gelding Pace 2:00.2 BLACKMALIN Greg Bowden Gerald Smith
Florence O'Keefe & Dean Malin Presque Isle, July 29
2 YO Colt Pace 1:59.1 FAST DEL Gary Mosher Eric Bickmore
Ben Bill And Will Stable Windsor, August 26
3 YO Filly Pace 1:56.3 DARLINGTON STRIPE David Ingraham Stephen LaCasse
Stephen LaCasse Scarborough, October 12
3 YO Gelding Pace 1:55.3 KEYSTONE REAL DEAL David Ingraham Philip "Bo" Sowers
Mo Coo, Inc. & Jonathan Klee Racing Cumberland, September 28
3 YO Colt Pace 1:57.0 RIVER RUN FOR RYAN Shawn Thayer Shawn Thayer
Marc Reynolds Bangor, June 18
4 YO Mare Pace 1:55.3 GIRL ON THE BOTTLE W. Drew Campbell Thomas Richardson
Martha Richardson Scarborough, May 31
4 YO Gelding Pace 1:54.2 ACTON ONELASTTIME Dan Deslandes Thomas Richardson
William McLaughlin & Thomas Richardson Scarborough, July 12
4 YO Horse Pace 1:56.0 MARTYDAONEMANPARTY Gary Mosher Stanley Whittemore
Stanley Whittemore Bangor, July 16
Aged Mare 1:55.0 COUNTRY FRESH Ron Cushing Ron Cushing
Lucia Les & Kenneth Clairmont Bangor, June 21
  GRACIE GRACIE Gary Mosher Frederick Ward, Jr.
Sharon & Frederick Ward, Jr. Skowhegan, August 17
Aged Gelding Pace 1:54.0 MR PERSEVERANCE Greg Bowden Kim Ireland
Allard, Bruce, Bruneau & Gest Millenium... Bangor, July 20
Aged Horse Pace 1:54.4 PEMBROKE NICK Heath Campbell Valerie Grondin
Mark Ford & William Varney Bangor, October 14
2 YO Filly Trot 2:05.3 KATE AT THE GATE Gary Mosher David Crochere
East Pond Stable Skowhegan, August 16
2 YO Gelding Trot 2:03.1 C C C Kim Ireland Kim Ireland
Deborah & Dennis Foss Scarborough, July 12
2 YO Colt Trot 2:03.0 STAR STUDDED CAST Mark Athearn Donald Richards
Thomas Dillon & Walter Hight Skowhegan, August 16
3 YO Filly Trot 2:01.0 FUTURE CAST Mark Athearn Donald Richards
Thomas Dillon & Walter Hight Windsor, August 28
3 YO Gelding Trot 2:02.2 BUDDY GARLAND Steven Nason Todd DuBois
Robert Larkin Scarborough, November 8
3 YO Colt Trot 2:01.2 WAKEFIELD FIRE Ivan Davies Ivan Davies
Donna Davies Scarborough, July 11
4 YO Mare Trot 1:59.4 STIRLING ABACUS Ron Cushing Scott MacKenzie
Kenneth Gallant Windsor, August 26
4 YO Gelding Trot 1:59.0 SKI DADDY Shawn Thayer Randy Bickmore
Kevin Gee Scarborough, June 22
4 YO Horse Trot 1:59.2 TROTTIN TRICE Ron Cushing Ron Cushing
Joseph Trice Bangor, July 19
Aged Mare Trot 1:58.3 LADY ALICIA W. Drew Campbell Donna Smith
Lambs, Neptune, Campbell Scarborough, July 5
  SLICK N SPASHY Dan Deslandes Randy Bickmore
David DelPozzo & Joseph Hayes, Jr. Scarborough, August 2
Aged Gelding Trot 1:57.1 WATERLOO WILLIE Dan Deslandes Randy Bickmore
Kevin Gee Scarborough, July 5
Aged Horse Trot 1:58.2 DROPOFTHEHAMMER Christopher Nye Belinda Gray
Belinda Gray Windsor, August 31